Xiaomi to Set Up New Mobile Manufacturing Plant in Tamil Nadu

Xiaomi to Set Up New Mobile Manufacturing Plant in Tamil Nadu

TN Industry Review Team

Smartphone maker Xiaomi is going to set up two new plants for mobile phone manufacturing and one for TV manufacturing in India. Operations have already started in one of the two mobile manufacturing plants in Haryana. The second one will be opened in Tamil Nadu.

“This means 99 per cent of the company’s smartphones sold in India and 100 per cent of its televisions will now be manufactured within the country,” said Xiaomi India Head and Global Vice President, Manu Jain to Mint.

“We would love to see India as an export hub. We started exporting in small quantities last year to nearby countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. Right now, the number one priority for us for the Indian business is to meet the local demand, which we believe is significantly more than what we are supplying. Once we meet 100% of the local demand is when we will start thinking of further increasing out export," said Jain.

Having plants in both North and South India will keep the company better positioned to tackle possible lockdowns in either side of the country. “At least with respect to Covid-19, I think our business is a lot more stable and resilient, as compared to what it was nine months ago," added Jain.  

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