Kite Makers Approach High Court to Protect their Business

Kite Makers Approach High Court to Protect their Business

GJ Industry Review Team

Amid fears of loss of livelihood because of the prohibition or regulation on kite flying and sale during the festival of Uttarayan, Kite manufacturers and traders have approached the Gujarat high court. The Gujarat Patang Manufacturers and Traders Association has filed an application after a PIL sought HC directions to prohibit kite flying and related activities during the festival next week.

The PIL has expressed concern over the chances of further spread of Covid-19, if the festivities of Uttarayan are permitted unregulated. The judges also sought the government’s response on this issue and commented that it must be vigilant and must not lower its guard against the virus and allow the situation to worsen as it happened during Diwali.

Afraid of its effect on the livelihood, the kite makers’ association filed the application through advocate K R Koshti and urged the high court to grant them an opportunity of hearing because the livelihood of many poor people is at stake.

“They are poor people and they do not have any other alternative sources of income to earn their livelihood. They are into this business of manufacturing kites for decades and hence to earn livelihood from this is their fundamental right under Article 19 of the Constitution,” the application reads.

The association has requested the high court to allow it to join the litigation because the PIL directly and adversely affects the fundamental rights to earn livelihood.

The PIL filed by one Maulik Mankad has also requested the high court to prohibit sale and purchase of kites and threads for the purpose of kite flying so that Covid-19 spread could be curbed. He urged the court to issue guidelines in what manner the festival should be celebrated this year.

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