| |March 20207CONTRIBUTORS08163026TRACKING SHIFTS ­ TRENDS THAT MATTER Industrial Inspection ServicesSustainable Development ­ The Way for FutureReal Estate & Construction Industry offers Golden Opportunities for Civil EngineersDr. Nithyanandan Devaraaj, CEO ­ Foundries, CRI GroupRajesh Gandhi, DirectorShabbhir Kanchwala, Senior VP, K Raheja CorpAshwani Awasthi, Managing Director - RICS School of Built Environment VANTAGE POINTEDITOR'S CHOICEAFTERWORDVIVID OUTLOOKIndustry PanoramaReducing Product Component Failures through Non Destructive Testing Methods142124The Avatars of Artificial Intelligence Simulation: The Shortest Route between Design & RealityAbhijitDasgupta, Director ­ BDVA & BDS, SP Jain School of Global ManagementRafiq Somani, Area Vice President ­ South Asia Pacific & Middle East, ANSYSTHOUGHT CENTRAL
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