| |February 202019THOUGHT CENTRAL By Sudeep Nadukkandy, CEO and Co-founder, WaterScienceBECOMING WATER-SMART IN THE AGE OF WATER SCARCITYahul, maine kahaa thaa naa?.... Paani chalaa jaaegaa!!I grew up in the 90's and vividly remember this ad ­ although I have forgotten the brand: a kid playing music and dancing around in the shower with the slightest bother about water wastage and when water runs out, looks at the shower that is now just trickling a few drops - with sadness and disappointment on his face (make this line better). In 2020 this is all too real - if you are in Bangalore, you probably faced this a couple of times already. We are all staring at empty showers and taps and what will remain will be only sadness and disappointment for our future generations ­ if we don't fix this fast. The Composite Water Management Index report, published by NITI Aayog in June 2018, mentions that India is undergoing the worst water crisis in its history and nearly 600 million people are facing high to extreme water stress. The report further mentions that India is placed at 120th R
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