| | JULY 20208CLIMATE CHANGE & BUILDINGSVantage Point By Ar. Gaurav Sood, GM - Design & Development, ATS InfrastructureN owadays, there is a discussion happening all over the world `Climate Change'. People are often heard talking about our envi-ronment and the rising temperature of the earth's climate. The root cause of this problem can be majorly divid-ed into two parts, i.e., Natural and Human Influence. We cannot do much about the Nature's role in this, but we surely can do something about the lit-tle things which are directly or indi-rectly in our control. Our life is based on the oxygen that we inhale, and the beauty is that we cannot generate it on our own. Living in Delhi-NCR, I can relate to the severity of increas-ing carbon content in the atmosphere. The newspapers show PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels on daily basis, which is way beyond the acceptable limits. The Capital suffocates with each breathe it takes. There are several things that can make a difference, without much of an effort. People are using car pools, saying NO to plastic, taking care of the plants and also creating awareness in respective neighborhoods. Gov-ernment is doing their bit by moving towards cleaner fuel, and increas-ing public transport network. Car-bon footprint is a term that is used more often. In a broader perspective it can be explained as the amount of Carbon Dioxide produced to ease-out things in our day to day life. Di-rectly or indirectly we are helping the cause.
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