| |SEPTEMBER 202019With the present day environmental chal-lenges, the need of prudent and sustain-able solutions for comprehensive devel-opment of demography is evident. The root cause for various challenges being faced by us today lies in the imbalance of the sustainability pentagon. Many of the challenges facing humankind, such as climate change, water scarcity, inequality and hunger, can only be resolved at a global level and by promoting sustainable development: a commitment to social progress, environmental balance and economic growth. Unless the five pillars of the sustainabili-ty pentagon, namely, Human Capital, Social Capital, Natural Capital, Physical Capital (Infrastructure) and Financial Capital are balanced, there will al-ways be hurdles in the overall growth and develop-ment of the society. Understanding this, Global Sci-entific Inc (GSI), an independent engineering and consultancy engaged in the field of environmental sciences and environmental engineering was set up. "In 1995, we observed an exponentially growing trend in the use of natural resources against efforts to recycle or reuse. This drove us to the idea of set-ting up a firm which understands the fine balance between the pillars of sustainable development and that comprises of individuals (from fields of scienc-es, engineering and law) who can assist the clients to achieve the same," says the founder.GSI Group comprises of internationally experi-enced experts who understand the need of single desk services and solutions in the Indian market. The company in association with its multinational technology partners proposes single desk solutions to clients wherein the technological solutions are provided by GSI and its Multinational Associates and GSI operates and maintains the systems (at de-sign standards and process guarantees) along with offering all related environmental engineering and consultancy services to the clients. GSI used artifi-cial intelligence and machine learning based mod-els to optimise the operations and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste management systems. Artificial Intel-ligence in the water infrastructure space allows for breakthrough improvements in process per-DR. SMITA BHABRA, FOUNDER & DIRECTORNISHANT JOSHI, MARKETING & OPERATIONS HEADENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS10 MOST PROMISING2020
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