| |July 202019C an you survive a day with-out your smartphone? I am sure that the majority would respond with a negative. From be-ing simple to being smart, mobile phones have drastically transformed to become the fundamental block of our modern-day lifestyle. A cursory glance on the timeline of the evolution of mobile phones lends us a peripheral view of the evolution that the devic-es have gone through. The portable mobile devices that were created as a mere mode of communication have now evolved to become our compan-ion in life leaving basic communica-tion features behind. A large amount of credit for mobile devices to gain this much importance goes to the global adoption of 4G, which has not only improved the core uses of a smart device but have added value in terms of offering various forms of entertain-ment along with services. Streaming and video calling capabilities have as-cended while brands and businesses have also capitalized on the advance-ment of mobile technology. Through this article, let's try to assess how has the unprecedented growth and evolution of mobile technology led to an apparent revolution in modern living. MEMORY MINEFIELD Over the years, advancement in memory technologies has lent us the ability to transform all aspects of our lives. It has paved the way for one of the biggest transformations that can be attributed to easy access to information and the new-found power to access & generate data upon our own will. Introduction of cloud storage & computing have affected how both individuals and society create, store and recall information. We have learned to increasingly rely on our devices to remember and store information on behalf of us. The capacity to store and represent an unimaginable amount of information at our fingertips has aided us with an unimitable survival advantage. In current times, IoT has developed to become the source of the information, and cloud has become the ultimate destination for storage. Together, they have changed the functionality of traditional operations across various sectors. The new technologies have aided us in providing huge amounts of data that are used through various aspects of social behaviour. Changing the dynamics of marketing THE REVOLUTION IN MODERN DAY LIVING WITH THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY By Abhinav Girdhar, Founder, Appy PieHaving completed his Bachelors in Information Systems from the University of Westminster, London, Abhinav plays a significant role in Appy Pie's growth strategies and is responsible for maintaining high standards in its services.THOUGHT CENTRAL Abhinav Girdhar
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