| |July 20207CONTRIBUTORS0834ACCELERATING NEXT-GENERATION MANUFACTURING GROWTH WITH A ROBUST CLOUD STRATEGYTECHNOLOGY ENABLED SUPPLY CHAINS IS UPENDING INDIAN LOGISTICSMadan Mewari, Senior Vice President, BirlasoftShantanu Roy, CIO - India and Indian Sub Continent, DB SchenkerVANTAGE POINTAFTERWORD19How Solar Panel is Becoming an Increasingly Popular Form of Alternative EnergyBy AmolAnand, Co-Founder and Director, Loom Solar25Treatment and Reuse of Industrial Wastewater by Adopting Latest TechnologiesRavi Toshniwal, Managing Director, Banswara Syntex Ltd. 22Sustainable Development ­ The Way for FutureShabbhir Kanchwala, Senior VP, K Raheja Corp30Biodegradable and Eco- Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2020: Challenges & InnovationsGaurav Jalan, Founder, Packman Packaging 32Water, Life & Health ­ Overcoming the challenge of global water requirementDr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Chairman & Managing Director, VBRI GroupTHOUGHT CENTRALVIVID OUTLOOK
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